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OK, so I finished the layout, and for 1 pcb from Advanced Circuits, it's *only* like $450 (the 4 ounce copper makes it expensive). In quantities of 100, they are $30 each.

Now to

Quantities of 75 are $8 each. Quantites of 1 are like $50 I think. But friggen takes gerber files, and my stupid free software can only be sent to Advanced Circuits. Holy cow I want to punch something right now. Eagle is $1000 for the layout editor and router thing. Altium is like $30,000 hahaha. If only I was a believer in pirating software! makes me mad! Let me rephrase that... If only my wife was a believer in pirating software! There is a slight chance that I could be tempted to the dark side to avoid paying $800000000 for software, but she would lay the smack down. hahaha. Makes me mad.

I tried the free software in Linux, and as soon as I ran into a point of confusion, I tried to get "help", and the help file explained that their focus was on getting the software working, and not making help files, so I never did figure it out.

I also tried freepcb, which is free routing software, but not free layout software. I'll retry that right now I guess. Where's a fork when you really need it? Right in the eyeball!

I want all the stupid dang pcb layout software out there to burn in the fires of heck and darn-nation. I'm sorry for my language!
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