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Originally Posted by williamson View Post
Has anyone researched a CPU cooler? It uses heat-pipes to transfer the heat. The pipes contain a liquid, most likely alcohol, that evaporates and absorbs a lot of heat. The fan then condenses it back. I would guess this must be operated with a designated side down, so the liquid flows. They are sold cheap on ebay. Such as # 160407436678. Of course, it's small. BTW, in case anyone wants to know trivia, the miller capacitance is the multiplication of the real gate to drain capacitance, by the drain voltage rise. It slows the turn-off.
Liquid-cooling, heat-pipes, and other similar cooling methods can be very effective if built and set up properly. Unfortunately, every single liquid-cooling and heat-pipe device for CPUs are no more effective than a good heat sink with a fan. And I did days and days of research on this when selecting a cooling method for my electronic loads.

These coolers look great, but the tolerances are just too loose to be of any use. Effective units are VERY expensive and are only of use where the point sources of heat are so intense that it's worth the extra space, time, sensitivity to vibration and shock, etc.

Also, these units only take the heat away from a point source. You still have to get the heat transferred to the air and that takes space and $$$ vs. a heat sink and fan that do it directly and are much more robust in an environment where vibration or shock might be present.
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