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do'h - you're in AZ.... Planting isn't the greatest of options....

Oven effect.... Ovens work on radiant heat and natural convection... You'll be losing the natural convection (for the most part) but you'll be drastically reducing your radiant heat. If you have one...

Get a meat probe and stick it on your roof and cover it with some foil. Measure the instant temperature. As the roof has had time to get up to temp - that value will be how hot your roof gets without a cover.

Unfortunately, without going full scale (due to conduction), I don't think you'll be able to get a temperature with the foil covering your roof.

The more traditional alternative is to install an attic fan with a thermostat. Blow out the air and try to keep the air temperature in your attic close to ambient. The one my parents installed in their home (South Florida) cost somewhere between $50-$75. slightly more than foil - but it won't blow away in a dust storm and is more aesthetically pleasing for you and your neighbors.

Even cheaper (maybe?) is foam roof channel stuff at your local mega home improvement place o.0 It installs the full length of the roof from base to top in the attic and creates a natural chimney effect - but you'll need a way to vent that heat near your roof's ridge...
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