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Originally Posted by mechman600 View Post
All true. Very true.

So, misted diesel burns very well at pretty much any temperature. It doesn't require hot compressed air to burn; it only does to autoignite. And that's [maybe] what the spark plug will do.
So if done properly, I really don't think there will be an issue with atomization and making a combustable mixture in the cylinder. I just wonder if a single spark plug will be sufficient to light the whole thing on fire.

The mist from my spray bottle will not work for testing on my motorcycle. Too much fuel comes out. I'm thinking of turning a ball point pen into an injector. Hmmmmm.....
Um some very old books I have read mention spark lit 2 cycle diesels, very small motors usually.

Trouble is that type of motor was used because it was lighter, simpler and was mainly there just to be able to use cheap diesel for something.

It likely would not have any of the normal advantages of a true diesel engine and would run rather rough.
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