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Originally Posted by Cd View Post
That was a good read !

In high school I had severe social phobia.
I'm still a self imposed outcast it to this day. A more specific description is 'avoidant personality disorder'.
Avoidant personality disorder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
I keep myself in my 'safe' zone, and therefore I have no friends ( outside of the family and 'friends' I have here on this site.) I've never dated - never even held a girls hand.
I'm pushing 40.
You say you "had" a severe social phobia. You described it as being "self imposed". You know that is true.

So what do you call someone that has an interest in 'smart' things, but is really dumb ?
You know you are not "really dumb" - quite the opposite. But you do lack assertiveness and social skills. We are all ignorant in some ways, and education is the cure for ignorance. When you become motivated enough (dissatisfied enough with your current state) you will seek to change and attain the skills you need. If not, you will remain as you are.

It's your choice. Only you can decide whether it is worth your effort.
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