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Originally Posted by luvit View Post
i was always impressed i could start from 2nd and easily shift without the clutch on my 1985.5 lynx.

passengers would spaz-out and say "that's horrible for the car". lol.
i can't be sure i would;ve achieved 70% success on starting from 3rd.
Lost the shift linkage in my Topaz years back, it fell right away from the transmission while I was going from 5th into neutral.

I had to move the car, so I slipped the clutch in enough to get the car moving, then just let it go and gave it really light throttle. I had no problem getting back to 60 MPH without shifting gears, it just took longer than usual.

When I got home, I bent a good sized nail, fed it through the hole, and bent the other end too. Drove it like that for another couple months back and forth to work every day.
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