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highcountryexplorer - '86 Nissan 720 KC 4x4 ST with fiberglass cap
90 day: 21.78 mpg (US)

Elroy - '03 Ford Focus ZX3 w/Zetec DOHC engine
90 day: 32.89 mpg (US)
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Here is something from

85 22R Toyota carbed ...96 HP....85 EFI....116 HP

I've been making the same effort with my '88 Toyota
4wd 5speed with 222K miles and I manage between 27.5
and 29.7mpg. This includes some city driving, perhaps
25%, and some hauling, perhaps 15% of the time and up
to ~ 3/4 ton in the back: truck weighs ~3,800
unwashed, rust bucket and lots of tools behind the
seat. Those are also pretty good numbers but, now,
with the Saturn, I hope to use the Toyota only for
what it does best: hauling/mud and snow work.

Best I can do with an '86 Nissan EFI 4x4 is 25 mpg summer.

If the truck has not been maintained...such as lubed and tuned can gain some there. I'd put a pint of water into the carb (slowly) to decarbon it...flush the oil with a pint of kerosene for 15 mins...advance the ignition some....lube the driveshafts...check the gear oil levels and / or replace....up the tire pressures.
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