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WaxyChicken -

Originally Posted by WaxyChicken View Post
Planting for shade:
In this part of Arizona it takes a lot of time and money to get trees to a good height.
There's money for buying, time for planing, money and time to water enough to grow a good size tree in the desert.

Shade Screen:
A Shade screen wouldn't get the roof and the expense would be much higher than just simply buying aluminum foil and using my staple gun to shingle them on the roof.

what about the ''Oven Effect" though?
I wouldn't want a tin roof in direct contact with the house. The metal will heat up and convect into the building. The good part would be that it would cool very fast at night and radiate to the "infinitely cold" night sky.

Assuming your roof is a "normal" shingle color, I would beg the wife for permission to paint the roof white with some kind of elastomeric paint (i.e. something like this : A white roof is the only way to go in the desert (aesthetics be damned).


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