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Windstorms only occur once or twice a year here. spending $1 to replace ripped or missing foil would be cheap and pay for itself - or so i'm considering.
our current roof is indeed a "normal shingle" pitched roof.

Attic ideas: nothing will work there. The attic space is so small that even the home inspector couldn't get into it when we bought the house. (with a pitch of about 15 - 20 degrees, and only 536 sq ft. there is of course not even enough room to crawl up there.) so this counts out alternate insulation techniques. if i'm correct then we only have blown insulation up there - i can't picture anything else. And i know already there is no way my wife would consent to a fan in the vents - that's just up the electric bill.

I'll look into the paint idea.
I'm also considering mirrors. (boy, that would be so evil to the neighbors! )

and Frank Lee - you've made more smart ass remarks in my posts than i can recall.
I just thought I'd point that out to you before you really begin to annoy me. I know that a civilized and intelligent individual such as yourself would be sure to prevent that from occurring.

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