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Originally Posted by 4536 View Post
Its not dumb. I have seen pictures of similar devices made out of rubber or plastic materials. The drawbacks are remembering to deflate them or open the doors to which they are attached before getting to close to a loading docks and other objects. Also they cost some $ and only last about 5 years.

Another problem is that independent truckers ( who pay the fuel bills on the runs they make) often don't own the tractors they haul. One solution is government requirements or incentives to tractor manufacturers.
Hm, okay, so how about the following ideas to address these challenges:

1) I realize they would cost money to make, but it seems that if they were mass manufactured (like inflatable rafts, beds, etc.) are then they could be made for a relatively low cost (say, less than $300). If they save 10% on fuel bills, the trucker would make that back in probably just a couple long hauls.

2) I know that the truckers often don't own the tractors, but seeing as how these are essentially add-ons that the trucker would attach to the back of the trailer during a long haul (using some sort of clips), and trailers are fairly standard in dimensions (), it seems that the truckers could add these on to their loads themselves.. I don't see why the manufacturers have to be the supplier?... Or maybe my ignorance is showing through.. heh..
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