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Clev -

Originally Posted by Clev View Post
Interesting. I wonder if this is a different pump than they put in the '04 Ion.
I am sure you have the problem (you might not see the pictures if you are not a member of :

ION Power Steering - SaturnFans Forums
The power steering on my 2005 Ion went out. The dealer wants $900 to replace the steering column. I heard Saturn has come out with a fix that doesn't require the entire column be replaced and is much cheaper. Anyone heard about this?
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Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
Hello -

I found this. It uses a Chevy Cobalt as an example of how electric power steering works :

Electric Power Steering - Copyright AA1Car
Electric Power Steering


The General Motors EPS system has several modes of operation:

* Normal mode -- Left and right assist is provided in response to inputs and vehicle speed.

* Return mode -- Used to assist steering return after completing a turn. Feedback from the steering position sensor prevents the EPS system from "overshooting" the center position.

* Damper control mode -- Used to improve road feel and dampen kickback. This mode typically kicks in at higher vehicle speeds.

* Protection mode -- Protects electrical components from thermal damage and excessive current flow if the steering is held all the way to one side in the lock position too long.
I have an e-manual that explains 2005 Ion power steering control logic. I'll post that in the next few days.


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Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
Hello -

I got this from a flea-bay e-manual for an S-Series. But, lo and behold, it had Saturn Ion specs too :

Is it right to call it a pump? I think on all Ion's it's an electric motor attached to the steering shaft.


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