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Originally Posted by dann6968 View Post
You should go to all the forsale ads and compare you car to theirs and list what you don't like.
Show a listing for another kei car lookalike competitor and I will.

Also I just don't think an automatic Kei car makes any sense you end up with small size and poor FE for that size.

Originally Posted by dann6968 View Post
Also, there is no way you can buy that car in Japan for $500. The industry is not an easy cash grab.

Nice car matty.
In Japan they basically have to unload cars once they get to a certain age, typically a few thousand depending on the model but shipping is also a couple thousand.

The trouble is this car is rare on this side of the pond so it demands much more of a price than it otherwise would. Also legalities make it difficult to license these which also is a premium if license-able.

Not really worth the effort for ecomodding though. A Geo or even my Subaru are easier to locate.
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