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What color are you shingles? light colored shingles stay cooler, and because they stay cooler they last longer, and keep your cooling bills lower, you can also get white roof paint, it's normally used for flat roofs, and would look mildly tacky on a pitched shingled roof, but it would last and not blow away, you would apply it most likely with a roller.
You can get solar powered attic fans, they are easier to install because you don't have to run a wire to them, they only come on when it's sunny out and they vent more then attic vents without fans, but the non fan vents are another option, simply making sure that your roof has enough vents at the ridge, and at the eves.
Also make sure that your attic does have insulation! I've seen some stupid stuff done in warmer states, lack of insulation is one of the biggest, a housing inspector might have just been looking for roof leaks.
I would NOT staple foil to your roof, the staples will destroy your shingles, creating 10,000's of tears in your shingles, and the foil will be gone in a week or two, if you really want to put tin foil on something put it on your cars roof, shinny side up, using contact adhesive, I did this with my glass sun roof and it helped keep the car much cooler, it's now painted silver.
Steel roof stay much cooler then asphalt, and the attics of houses with steel roofs tend to be cooler as well, although anything put in the sun will get warm, a glass of water will get warm, even hot if put in the sun, a steel roof will also last 100+ years if installed correctly, and it can be recycled and you will be paid for it, asphalt shingles need special disposal permits in most civilized states.
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