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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
Speaking of O2 sensors incl. heated ones, is there a good way to clean em? All I've come across is soak em in gasoline. Would carb or brake or MAF sensor cleaners work? Don't want to hurt the dang thing either.
It depends on what's wrong w/ it, for the most part.

If it's really caked up with carbon, then no, you won't be able to get it clean.

On most accounts, that's not the case, so there are a few ways to clean semi-loose deposits from inside.

Coca-Cola (a week or two soaking) then tap it vigorously on a hard surface.

MAPP torch (propane works, but takes longer) until it's basically orange-red, then tap it vigorously on a hard surface.

Lemon juice (same concept as the coke.. and tap tap tap away.)

Starting to see a pattern here?

If you have access to it, anything in compressed form that will get insanely cold as you spray it (like oxygen, CO2, etc...), since carbon deposits' thermal expansion is different than the metal, the carbon should break when you freeze it quickly and (guess... go ahead...) tap it on something hard vigorously.

No solvent will remove carbon deposits which are solid or plastic-like, that I'm aware of, so you have to break the surface of the carbon deposits so that the solvent/whatever can get behind it.

Method doesn't matter if it's heated or not, you won't damage the heat element since it's enclosed in a part of the sensor.

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