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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
If it's properly boattailed, the side area doesn't necessarily increase. Depends on speed vs windspeed and angle, but plan for the most common condition in your area.

Here's how I visualize it (with sort of off-the-cuff numbers): Look at the vehicle from the front, offset at, oh, 10 degrees. That is what the x-wind sees (pic 1):

Looks like proper tapering in plan view added exactly ZERO to yawed "frontal" area and thus shouldn't adversely effect stability.

Perhaps this is 5 degrees yaw?

Perhaps this is why outside mirrors don't hurt drag much in the real world? (not adding much "frontal area" at all)
Frank,I just wanted to thank you for the pics of the red 3-wheeler.That vehicle should be in a thread by itself.It's aft-body looks dead on! Thanks mucho!
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