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highcountryexplorer - '86 Nissan 720 KC 4x4 ST with fiberglass cap
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Carb mod for better mileage?

Was trying to find the post by someone with an '82 Toyota 4x4 that had mpg issues....

"....also lower your floats to the lowest point possible without starving engine for fuel 1/4 to 3/8 of normal hight is a good start....carb manufacturers run 'just below flooding' fuel levels.

Try lowering your float in the carb to about 1/2 inch, as long as you don't keep your foot buried in the throttle you will see a major increse in MPG, my 73 f-100 (360 auto) went from grandma 6mpg to 2000
pound past capasity of 12.5 trip average from Washington state to Texas (2400 miles) and the truck burns(& leaks) 3 quarts of oil every 100 miles.

Your only limit is the floats hitting the bottom of the bowl. You may think 'The bowl will run out of fuel' if your that hard on the petal your not in the habit of getting good mpg anyway. Just use reason give your floats room to open the needle valve but not fill the bowl all the way up. The reason you get better mpg is greater levels of suction are needed to pull the fuel up the stem 'ripping' the fuel apart on the way up the high speed nozzle for more air contact (surface area)."

Carry on humans...we are extremely proud of you. ..................

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