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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
You should splurge for the book. You'll get more quality time out of it than you will spending an equivalent amount of $ on movies! Every once in a while one comes up used on eBay for a bit less.

Yes, detail optimization is basically "tweaking", as you said. Optimizing cooling, wheels, mirrors, glass & window/door seals, leading & trailing edges, slight taper, etc.

The shape alone doesn't mean much if the details are all wrong. You could easily take a 1st gen Insight and put its .25 Cd past .30 with wider wheels, blender rims, a badly designed front fascia, no rear skirts, unoptimized underbody, too much grille, etc.
No, don't splurge. Instead, do inter-library loan for free. Use the book for a month, photocopy or scan relevant pages for future reference, and use the money saved for Coroplast or whatever. Mo better.
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