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I think that Opel was something like a 1958 model that had been highly modified.

The one I remember was about 1970. The rules allowed few modifications.
It was basically a stock wagon version (more aerodynamic than a sedan).
The radial tires, accelerator limiting (block of wood) and vacuum secondary disabling (think it was vacuum operated), were close to the limits of allowable modifications.

You had to average 26 MPH.

The one in the article you found was drastically modified. I think they even coated the engine block with insulation so heat losses were practically nothing.

I have no doubt that many of the younger members here have far superior Internet search talents to mine, but I have never found a reference to the one I remember. That same memory is now 40 years ago when I was 19 years old. There may not be any information available on the Internet, but you never know for sure.

Knowing that you could at least triple the normal fuel economy that was demonstrated in that contest, was one of the things that always kept bugging me about how you could accomplish that while not having the pulse and glide EOC driving tactic.

it was the driving force behind my pursuit of an efficient Infinitely Variable transmission, which combined with highly efficient storage would allow P&G to be utilized without using the vehicle for energy storage. Instead you could use a hydraulic accumulator or flywheel for sort term storage and the IVT transmission could apply stored energy for a constant vehicle speed.

The first time I remember reading about EOC P&G was during WW2 gas rationing.

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