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Originally Posted by Big Dave View Post
Check out

In their "Showcase" forum they have a guy in Illinois swapping a 4BT3.9 into a F-150, just like Christ.

Its a proven, reliable, and efficient engine. This is a tough wheel to re-invent.
Dave -

I'm not suggesting I can do this over night, or that it will be any better or more efficient than some other setup. I'm doing only for my own purposes, as a learning exercise.

IMO, too many people read things and just assume they know, and knowledge isn't passed without experience.

Has anyone here ever tried to convert a gas engine to diesel? Probably not.

I'm sure many of us have thought about it, and many of us have probably even looked into it, but after reading 5 million posts about how it's impossible for one reason or another, the others have given up.

Regardless of what reasons anyone may have as to why it's not a good idea, I'm still going to do it.

While I appreciate your input on the situation, you should know upfront that trying to convince me otherwise just isn't going to get you anywhere. I see you're very fond of the 4bt engine (it shows up in just about every post I read from you), and while that's perfectly fine, it won't change my mind by any stretch.

Here's a point to ponder - I have 5 300 engines sitting around, doing nothing. I have access to about 14 more.

How many 4BT engines does that make?

The 300 isn't a big seller because most people don't understand how to properly operate it. They think that because it only has 140 HP, it can't be a good engine. Therefore, I would be wasting my time selling a 300 I6 to the public, which means that all these engines I have will either sit around, or something will get done with them.

If I can build one of these into a diesel, and get good enough prices on the parts, that I can build it for under $2000 (the average price of a 4BT swap that I've been able to find locally), I see no reason not to go ahead with it.

If it doesn't work, I've learned something, and I'll either try again, applying the new information, or I'll move on to something else.
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