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Hi Everyone
I have put a control board together. When I turn the power on the green light comes on but not the yellow one. I tried repowering with the pot all the way the other direction ,no change. So I took the board out and looked for problems. I found 5 resistors with the wrong ohm readings. I removed R13 and replaced it was reading 5.xx K should be 10K. I checked the new one 10K. Put it in but before I soldered it I checked the ohm's and it read 5.xxK ohm's. I took it back out and it reads 10K. Also the 5K pot reads 4.96K until I plug it into the board then it reads 3.9xK . The chip I am using has the old software (the yellow light should blink when it is ok). Where should I look for this problem? Any help sure would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
I had D4 and D5 reversed, I marked the package wrong. So I rechecked the parts list to see if I had marked something else wrong. That did not fix it. But there is a part marked XX a diode, where does that go?

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