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96 Geo Metro 1.3L parts questions...

Hi Folks!

I am getting ready for the yearly overhaul of the Metro. So far, nothing mechanical has been changed out from stock, except for the radio. Most of the money flowing to the Metro to date has been OEM repairs and maintenance. Now that the vehicle is actually back up to spec, I am looking at fine tuning it some. Not as far as others on here, and I mean you Mr. 90+ MPG metro maker, but enough to make it run a little cleaner than stock.

Here's what I'm looking at throwing in so far:
Pulstar Pulse Plug BE1 (Not looking for suggestions on this one, I'm doing a year long comparison against the Bosch Platinum plugs that were in there)
An ignition wire set (Probably Autolite #96493, not picky)
Air Filter (Probably Purolator A34613)
Fuel Filter (Holley 162-523, something keeps ripping the plastic ones off.)
Headlights (JLM H4-4 6000K, 35W)

I have a muffler, strut, and seat replacement due up this year as well. I have no idea what I want to do with those yet. Should I be looking at a muffler that reduces back pressure? Any other suggestions?


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