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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
That would be funny to see: the Wing pulling the Sable on the trailer! I know the Japanese have Gold Wing car wrecker units; someone posted that up here recently too.

Sadly, I'm only getting average fe with the Honda. The tires and suspension are over-inflated, the carbs' idle jets leaned and idle speed minimized, stereo removed, brakes serviced so no excess drag, etc., but so far ave fe is 32.22 and I hear 32 is average for these. Oftentimes I'm sitting there idling in Cali traffic; if I know the light is real long I'll shut down, and on occasion going down a mountain I'll EOC, but it doesn't seem to help much. I think it needs a taller top gear, drum brakes or caliper retractors, EFI would really be nice, and of course sleeker bodywork, none of which is likely to happen. Well, maybe the brake mod. Maybe a rejet too after I look at the plugs.

The bike handled the weight fairly well although that heavy weight, that high up sure made itself known at stops. Strong wind tried to throw it around today too.

And... the urgency of it. I did hit Harbor Freight for their awesome outdoor sale; 1720 lb trailer reduced to $349, then I found a 20% off coupon so it still ended up about $349 with taxes and ****. Same here- I didn't think I could build my own for that money, especially out here with none of my tools, junk stash, connections, and known places to scavenge. I'd been hunting on Craigslist for some time and the USED and icky homebuilt stuff only started at $500 and went up from there!

Ha Ha, remember I said "outdoor sale"? See that dumpster full of tarps in the first pic? They had their inventory tarped up then tossed all the tarps when they opened. I grabbed two of 'em but could have had dozens.
I grabbed a hitch for my F150 tonite from a Tractor Supply retail store ($139.99 + 8%). Also grabbed a multi-ball receiver w/ a tow hook ($49.99 = 8%), which, after non-profit and employee discount (friends... ) ended up being nearly free. I ended up paying just over $150, which would cover the hitch and tax.

I don't get to HF too often, but I do order online from them.

I guess In PA (dunno about other places) you don't have to have a license for a trailer that is a self-contained generator unit. So what if it's only a 300W genny with a bunch of extra storage space?

You should go back if they still have those tarps... they fold up nicely, and they're easy to xport.

Did you get the Taurus while you're out there visiting?
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