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Originally Posted by MPaulHolmes View Post
No, that's for pics or dsPICs. To program the atmega8 or atmega168 or 100 others (from Atmel) you should ask Jack Bauer on here. He made one. I have have myself, but I guess it's pretty easy and CHEAP! Then I could email you the .hex file, and you just transfer it to the chip, and then drive away! hurray!

I'm making good progress on the 1000amp controller, and that's using a dsPIC30F4011 40 pin chip, which you WILL be able to program with the programmer that you have, Ludiagsm! ya!
Hey Paul that is really nice I will ask Jack Bauer for his programmer.
my e-mail is maybe i must send you some money i can't believe that you do that big fever for free thank you
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