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Originally Posted by peja1971 View Post
I must replay you here because I have only 6 posts and I can't send you PM

120v - 10 12v Lead acid battery for now

What is the AH rating for your batteries?

Which motor are you using for your vehicle?
serial wound DC, two terminals

What is the voltage and current rating for the motor?
72v, 85a (I think), 2200 rpm

The Mosfets can be driven with a 0 to 12V signal quite nicely.
12 volts will turn the Mosfets on, and 0V will turn them off.
I know that, I ask which voltage is the best to trigger gates for my case (40 pcs IRFP260N), is it the best to be 12v or 20v or some other?


Then we agree that these Mosfets can be driven with a 12vdc source.
Your drive circuit needs to be able to supply the current to
drive the capacitive input to this many Mosfets.
I am pointing that out because it sounded like you were
trying to use some discrete transistors that are
already owned or more easily obtained by you.
The Curtis schematic shows a sample that could work for you.
They are driving 32 of the BUZ30 Mosfets and those have a slightly
smaller gate capacitance than do your chosen IRFP260N devices.

The driver IC's that are used in the Revolt controller are a much
better choice and you should still be able to get them in time
to meet your project goal. You would also need the DC-DC
converter. You can find scrap DC-DCs on old Co-ax based
network cards that are in some of our junk boxes.

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