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Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post
When anyone is ready to get serious about adjusting the mixture leaner, they'll rejet it.
Right on! Too many times (for too long) I have heard / seen people fiddle with the idle mixture screw(s) and expect miracles. The high speed jetting is built into the jets; don't think of drilling 'em out bigger, either. You'll only mess up the smooth bores.
Plugging the power valve(s) force the jet(s) to carry the full fuel load; power valves are a controlled leak....
Oh! One more "point": LaPoint isn't God. He & I have gone 'round & 'round before ... I'm not sure where he learned his flame front terms, but when it comes to gasoline chemistry, he is "old school". Pump gas is garbage. Not the same as yesteryear. There is wiggle room here, too. Lots.

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