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Originally Posted by robertwb70 View Post
Too late, I've already removed the factory glass. I could always put it back in if necessary.

As far as seeing I'm not sure since I haven't driven the car yet but I'll find out tomorrow. I did move the car a few feet today and now the angle finder says 15 degrees so apparently my slab isn't level.

I'll put some tufts on it when I find some appropriate string/yarn.
I'd definitely take a 16" 2x4 and lay it across the slab on the 2" face, then lay a level on it to make sure.

Also, don't forget now that when you load down the car (if you do), it will probably change the angle enough that you can't keep attached flow at highway speeds (45+), since the angle is already 15*. The roof slope might help you out a bit, though.
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