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Originally Posted by dave koller View Post
Bummer David!

My farmhouse (I don't live there!) floods in the spring when the frost goes...
I chopped into the old cement floor, put a sump well in, and drilled a bunch of holes in the side -- Now all the water finds its way to the well UNDER the floor and I pump it out with an automatic sump .. Not much gets into the floor anymore...

I will keep lurking on the AC controller as I want to try a trike with one next!
There are two sump pumps running and I was using 2 dry/wet vacs just to keep up with the water!

Anyways, I have made a preliminary parts list:
1x PIC18F2331
3x Tamura L01Z600S05
3x CM300DU-24F IGBT Modules
6x EC4A02H 12-12v DC/DC
1x EC3B01 12-5v DC/DC
6x UCC37322 9A Gate Driver
16x 250v 470uF Capacitors

It's about $325 in parts that I need to collect. The crazy thing about 3 Phase is that you need 6 gate drivers and 6 isolated DC/DC converters, or else you get shorts in the drivers! The 11"x17" paper is coming out and I will start the schematic for the 3 Phase Power Section, then I will move onto the logic board. I have a feeling the hardware will be the easy part, and the software is what is going to take eternity!

I will be starting off with a PIC18F2331, and may go to a dsPIC. I already have 1 CM600DU-24F IGBT module, 2 Tamura senors and a box of PICs.

I also have to figure out how the Encoder works on my motor so I can get Vector Control/FOC working in the future.
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