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Frank -

Originally Posted by Frank Lee View Post

^This pdf has a graph that I didn't see how to grab and copy. It may be the best breakdown of this issue I've seen. It says a small car will see +4% fe with -10% weight. It says a small car with a resized engine could see +6.5% per -10% weight- an important distinction with "resized engine" being smaller displacement, optimized for the lighter weight. Between this and the Ford piece, I'd go with +3-4%/-10%. But that's certainly debatable.

Do you mean this? :

I did it with MSPaint :

1 - Scale the PDF to about 125% and get image front and center on screen.
2 - Press "SHIFT-PRNT SCRN" key combo
3 - Open MSPaint
4 - Press "CTRL-V" key combo
5 - Use "Select" tool to outline graph
6 - Press "CTRL-C" key combo to copy graph into memory
7 - Select "File->New" and don't save changes
8 - Make sure default "Image -> Attributes" width and height are smaller than the graph.
9 - Press "CTRL-V" key combo to insert outlined graph
10 - Save as JPEG

It's a lot of steps, but it will work on any Windows PC, *unless* the image has a way of protecting itself from being screen-captured (common with movies).


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