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Truth be known you are getting better mileage than the stock 2003 Ninja 250 (72 mpg). If you can get yourself a copy of "Motorcycle Design and Technology" by Gaetano Cocco, Chapter 10 on aerodynamics covers a great deal in a few pages. Keep in mind the cruiser has a longer wheelbase and the seat height is about 3 inches lower a sport bike. The trick will be getting the windscreen to come to shoulder height. A clear touring windscreen from National would fit easily and angled back would reduce drag. The back is even more critical. For 'cheap and easy' get a medium size plastic cooler, mount it on end just behind the rider, and rivet sheet plastic to the hinged lid to form a boat tail. You will likely want a shelf and cargo net inside to store things. Ride that for a while and then decide on gearing changes. Then you can design a full body fairing.
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