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I'm worried about the depreciation on these first-gen BEV's.

We know the battery is only going to last 5-10 years, and it's the most expensive part of the car. That will be a large, but predictable, part of the depreciation.

Unlike cars of the past 50 years, electric cars risk growing obsolete. In ten years, you will be able to buy a BEV that is much more capable (and, incidentally, cheaper) than ones you can buy today. What's the fair market value of a Th!nk City going to be when the 2021 Focus has twice the range, cargo space, and refinement, and half the charging time? Dunno, but it might be within the budget of Christ.

But am I interested in one? Well, if the Th!nk actually comes out, and if the Th!nk + Briggs and Stratton is much cheaper than a Prius + DIY PHEV conversion, then yes, the Th~nk will have my attention.
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