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Originally Posted by MadisonMPG View Post
I am not advocating using higher octane. I am asking: Does using higher then approved octane (Premium) shorten the life of an OBDII engine meant to run on 87 (Regular)?
...two letter answer: no.

...octane is a "knock-limiting" value and basically nothing else! So, using 91 octane ("Premium") in a car designed for 87 octane ("regular") will NOT damage it whatsoever.

...what can damage an engine, however, is using different fuels containing god-knows-what-kind of additives that don't burn cleanly.

...this has NOTHING to due with octane--but is, too often, one (of many) false claims made for the additives--but rather the "left-over deposits" from faulty combustion, which CAN by themselves cause "glowing carbon" deposits which CAN result in pre-ignition and cause damage (if the computer can't yank the timing back quick enough). the WIKI explanation for octane, it should help you come to your own answer.

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