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Originally Posted by MetroMPG View Post
Good points. For "moderate" fuel economy types.

You will know you've gone hardcore when you proceed to step 8: validating your odometer's accuracy and adding a correction factor in all your MPG calculations because it drives you nuts that it was off by 1.5%
I don't know if this is "hardcore," but as there are mechanical discrepancies, as well as tire size discrepancies, and it seems many of us change tire size too (you can't really believe the size on the tire is perfectly accurate - it varies) you might want to check the accuracy of your odometer reading this easy way: Pre GPS days (2004 for me) I would sync the odo (or trip odo) with the milemarkers on the expressway when I had a long trip. Much easier to do these days with GPS. Use that adjustment when calculating mpg.

The odo on my car, with the winter tires, is 100.95% accurate. Or I'm accumulating about one extra mile on the odo per 100 driven. Pretty close, but when you want to see that exact mpg...
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