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Not to be cynical metroMPG, but I think that as more people become interrested in hypermiling the claims will get MORE extravagant. It the old snake oil, platinum oxidized, magnetized fuel. The main point of magazines is to sell advertisers products, not inform. Money from the advertisers and every rube who shells out six bucks a copy will keep them in the business of making money for years to come. This (look around) is the only format where honest debate, even if heated and confrontational at times, and learning about fe are happening.
Amory Lovins at the Rocky Mountain Institute has been advocating decoupling mass and size, and down powering for years. Almost all of the sites content is free, just like this one. The internet is source of information and the greatest source of misinformation at the same time, but I trust you all more than any rag that will contradict itself three times a year to keep circulation and advertising income up.
It's sort of defeatist and negative, but until their testing methodology matches yours during all of your testing I'll be dubious.
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