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Admittedly I haven't tracked my fuel efficiency on this very closely since I did a full carburetor tune-up. I'm also fairly heavy on the throttle.
It's very easy to average 100mpg on one of these with little effort.
Originally Posted by Bicycle Bob View Post
IIRC, Paul Elkins converted a step-thru Tomos to a feet-forward style. This looks to have the same basic structure under that tank and seat. It just needs padding on the frame and a frame extension for the forward pegs.
Yes, all Tomos mopeds share the same frame with integrated gas tanks. They only vary slightly in what mounting tabs are added for mounting the different fenders, what wheel/rim sizes are used, what engine is attached (A3, A35, or A55), and what electrical system is used.

This one of their few models that includes an electric start, and has the most recent engine, as well as a disc brake on the front wheel. The "tank" that occupies the step-through area is actually a storage compartment and is removable provided you can be bothered to re-route some of the wiring that goes through it.

Replacement parts for Tomos mopeds are very inexpensive and there are 3 or 4 dealers in this area that you can order them from.
Any performance parts you could want are available from

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