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I've liked the idea of a green roof ever since i saw it on "Extreme Home Makeover". I could save some money on the implementation by building my own roof units and save money on watering by sending my brown water up there.

but it would still be expensive to implement, which is why I'm considering a foil or mirror covering on the roof.

Today i went outside and measured the peek of the roof. From peek pitch to cealing it's only 18 inches. from the front of the house to the peek it is 138 inches.

________________|18 inches_________________
138 inches. . . . . .| . . 138 inches

i don't know how many degrees that is, but it's very low pitched.

Ok, so staples may tear the roof. but there's always adhesive. I'm afraid that adhesive would melt in the hot sun. out here I've used duct tape on my car. during the summer time that would only last a week or two before the glue melted off in the heat.

also, there is the possibility of finding reflective paint - but i expect that will be more expensive.

wind doesn't scare me. Just layer it like you do the shingles and keep it tight enough down so that the wind won't be able to get under it and lift it up.

The thought here isn't to block the sun from hitting the house, or to absorb the heat at a higher level, but instead to reflect the heat and sunlight it before it even hits the shingles.

And moisture shouldn't be a problem - it's a VERY dry heat out here. people get nosebleeds because of how dry the air is.
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