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Originally Posted by cfg83 View Post
They com pre-gapped
...exactly; however, it's a good idea to "check" the gap as rough handling has been known to change the factory gap setting...but, NEVER attempt to re-set iridium gaps yourself unless you have the "proper tool"

...two of our three cars use iridium plugs, and I always "check" the gap setting before installation, but *if* it's incorrect, I just take them back to the dealer and request a new plug.

...I don't own the proper tool, but was able to borrow one once, hence my knowledge of its existance and use. And, "yes," I know about the fragility of the center iridium electrode by BAD experience--I broke one trying to reset the gap...and, since *I* was the one who broke it, I couldn't take it back and ask for a replacement, so I borrowed the proper tool (Champion CT-457).

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