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Originally Posted by .Cd View Post
How does FLUENT compare to FloWorks in ease of use ?

Point zero eighty six. Slick !

I wonder how that this would translate to a full size car if the shapes were identical. I know that the frontal area would change, but how is the .Cd value changed when a shape such as yours is scaled up ?
Fluent is considered to be more robust and more accurate - but, it's not as user friendly. You need to use Gambit (another piece of software) to create the fluid mesh which, if you don't know what you're doing, will fail.

Floworks is much faster to setup - there's a nice GUI and it automatically makes the wind tunnel and creates the mesh.

If you don't know what a mesh is.... A mesh creates discrete points in space for the solver to use. Otherwise, it would have to solve an infinite matrix of equations. If you ever see CFD with nice smooth lines/color gradients - that's interpolated data to connect the dots on the mesh

As for scale up... I can do a run tonight and tell you All one would have to do is run the test at a higher velocity (as if you modeled scaled down). What overall dimensions do you want? Just give me a width and I'll scale everything up proportionally. Theoretically, cD shouldn't change very much - but Reynolds number will (which could mean some of the flow goes turbulent)...
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