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[sorry] I can't find my VSS wire [/sorry]

I have a 2000 Subaru Impreza, and I cannot find my VSS lead.

Yes, I searched (both the forums AND my car). Rostra said that the VSS wire would be green/yellow under my instrument panel. Then, I found this document (see attachment) that said it would be in the same location and also green/yellow. Conclusion: I should search for a green/yellow line under my dash, and test the voltages on it.

So, this is what I did. I found the (only) green/yellow wire in an 18 pin connector and jammed one end of my multimeter in it, the other end firmly attached the the vehicle ground through where my CD player is. When I turn the key (engine not on) I get 14.2v. When I turn the engine on, I get 14.2v. When I drive around the parking lot, I get 14.2v (no fluctuation). GRR

The signal I'm looking for is between 0-5v, so this can't be the wire! After looking at some schematics (and to some mechanics) there are two options left: find the VSS sensor and follow it up into the car, or find where it plugs into the ECU and tap into it there.

Problem with option #1: The sensor is located in my transmission, apparently, and I have no way to jack my car. I drove two wheels over a curb and saw nothing promising.

Problem with options #2: The ECU in my car is under the floorboard in the passenger seat, a real pain to get out. And once I get it out, I have no way of knowing exactly which of the bajillion wires it is.

My car (4dr, 2000 subaru impreza sedan) is "unusual," in the sense that it is unlike the models before it and after it. It is also very uncommon. I have found no wiring harness diagrams or anything specifically for my car, they've all been for similar models.

What should I do? I am very (truly) sorry for making such a stupid thread like this, as there have been many before, but I really am stuck here. Can anyone help me?

Thank you,


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