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Originally Posted by McTimson View Post
This Rostra doc says that the VSS signal is at:

Passenger Floor-96 pin conn @ ECM
Pos. 93 Loc3 35 pin conn @ ECM Pos24

for a 99-04 Subaru Impreza.

Since they don't give diagrams in that doc, it's hard to tell how they do their positioning. Their other one, for '86-'95 vehicles, shows pictures of the connectors, so it's easier to find where it is.

What I would do is, try the other wires behind the speedometer. Since you're not cutting into any wires, it shouldn't be too hard. Also, I don't think you're necessarily looking for a 0-5V signal (I think it could also be 0-12?), just one that changes with speed.

Otherwise, I would go for the ECU option. Start with what the rostra data has, you'll probably find that green/yellow wire there.
Thanks for the advice. If at all possible I would prefer not to completely take my dash apart -- thus far I have just been resting my head on my clutch petal with my feet sticking out the door. I suppose the next step would be to start taking it apart...

Every place I've seen has said that the VSS signal will be between 0-5v, not true?
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