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Originally Posted by gasstingy View Post
The folks at Myers Motors, maker of the NmG, (an updated/upgraded Corbin Sparrow) might disagree that the dimples have no positive effect on airflow. If you take a close look at the trailing sides of the front fenders and the lower aft sections of the vehicle, you will find them dimpled. When I toured their (MM) factory a couple years ago, I asked what the dimples were for. They told me that they increased the range because they reduced the drag on the body.
I would respectfully take them to task to demonstrate,scientifically,how they accomplished something no one else on Earth was able to accomplish,when they had the resources,technology,and motivation to do so.
It's like the old adage,that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
The dimples may have an effect,but it may reside in an effect which has nothing to do with golf ball dimples.
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