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28.5 mpg in a '97 Jeep Cherokee

Hey Everyone,

I've tracked my mileage on almost every tank since I bought my 97 Cherokee 5 years ago. I stumbled upon this site last night after I set a personal mpg record (28.5 mpg ) on a 150 mile trip and googled to see if anyone else managed to get similar mileage figures in their Jeep Cherokees. I've had the better flowing exhaust for years, but a couple of months ago I replaced my stock air box with one I made from an Autozone cone filter, a 45 degree PVC bend, and some roof strapping for a heat shield (cost me about 40 bucks total). I was aiming for performance, but I've been pleasantly surprised by the mileage increases. Unfortunately I spent the last two months in snow and/or thick traffic every time I was on the road so my figures weren't usually as informative as they normally are. I finally got a chance to drive in my normal driving conditions and pulled this impressive figure over the weekend. I know that one tank doesn't tell me much, but getting more than 50% better than the EPA rating has me excited.

My horsepower obsessed friends don't seem as thrilled by this as I am, maybe I'll be a bit more at home here

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