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Originally Posted by born2pdl View Post
If you want it to handle better, get kyb struts for a 93 suzuki swift GT from Find part numbers and much more at This particular car also benefits from cutting just a bit off the springs, details on the teamswift forum.
I'll research the struts further. Thanks for the info.

Originally Posted by born2pdl View Post
Most seat upgrades require fabrication skills to make new brackets on the ends of the seat tracks. I've heard Esteem seats bolt up. 2003+ Tiburon seats fit and are great, required custom brackets.
Fabrication skills are not a problem. I work in an engineering shop that dabbles in just about everything. I think we have a theoretical physicist somewhere if memory serves. I have a set of seats in mind already, and there's a universal adapter kit for them that will work with the stock metro bolt holes. I think that part of the project is going to come down to a weight comparison.

Originally Posted by born2pdl View Post
Lots of general sparkplug comparisons have been conducted, never show increased performance above the oem plug. Just get mid-level ND or NGK plugs. Also get new distributor cap and rotor. Then advance the distrib timing a bit (see forum) to gain HP and FE.
Sorry, when it comes to some things, I'm one of the "gotta see it to believe it" types. The pulse plugs fall into that realm, and I couldn't beat free.

Originally Posted by born2pdl View Post
Did I mention go to if you have a metro?
Go where?
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