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Old Mechanic, a lot of what you are purposing sounds great and makes sense. But, then you throw in a claim that seems totally unrealistic. I'm not saying you're wrong, it just sounds unbelievable. I've worked with hydrostats in heavy equipment for years, and any motor capable of 500Hp weighs hundreds of pounds and they don't cost $100, they are thousands. Even small 50hp motors are $1000 or more. Also, most piston motors don't have the good low speed torque you are claiming and would need gear reduction in the wheels. You talk about direct drive motors for regeneration, then talk about coasting with no drivetrain losses, even though hyd. motors have a lot of frictional loss in neutral. Accumulators are very efficient, but a 5gal. accum. operating at 400 bar, would have to be built very heavy to take the pressure. I know there is lot's of new technology that I'm not familiar with, like the motor that Innas was describing. I guess I'm just asking for an example or specs. of a production pump and motor that does what your claiming, or is this still theoretical? I'm just tring to understand this better and I really hope you can make it work.

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