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Robert, this is scratch built and cost over $10,000, so Ingo's request for money doesn't surprise me.

Compare it to the 40 some billion spent on battery development in the last 40-50 years.

Green Car Congress: EPA to Award Up to $1.35M to Projects to Advance Hydraulic Hybrid, Engine and Fuel Technology

Hydraulic Hybrid Cars: No Batteries Required - 2008-04-28 00:00:00 | Design News

Transonic Combustion | Our Technology | TSCi Technology - Fuel Injection Systems

Take my civic VX, add the super critical fuel injection system.

Then aero it like Basjoos.

There is 100 MPG

The toss out the whole power train, brakes, throttle control, clutch, flywheel, starter motor, axles. Reduce the fuel tank to 3 gallons instead of 10 to offset the weight of the hydraulic fluid.

Then add 4 in wheel drives weighing no more than the brake components you no longer need.

A high pressure accumulator where the transmission used to be 3-5 gallons capacity.

Make the front cross member the low pressure reservoir.

The in wheel drives look like the running example on the first u tube link.

80-100 highway
120-160 city

no special driver input necessary.

Game set match, could be done in 12 months with enough funding.

I don't need to solicit it here, so you don't need to call it a spam sales pitch.

Scratch built prototypes are extraordinarily expensive, but we are moving to mutual development with other entities and other financial sources.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this will happen, and very soon. If not in the US somewhere on the planet, because it is a cheap and effective option. Are we going to wait for the Chinese to build it?

Robert, I can't tell you absolutely why Ingo has not succeeded, but I can sit here and rattle off hundreds of examples of the stupidity of mankind, that have cost millions of lives.

One example. In the American Civil War, trench warfare was developed to a state of the art degree, but in spite of that known, the idiots in Europe repeated that same stupidity, with modern weapons with exponentially greater killing capabilities than those of only 50 years earlier.

Britain considered a million casualties a year as normal attrition in warfare.

20 years later they almost repeated the same scenario.

Has stupidity disappeared in the recent decades.

I went to my US senators office and had an interview, when I explained the benefits, I was told that eliminating all of those components in a vehicle would eliminate all the jobs necessary to build those components.

I guess that is too high a price to pay for energy independence, and the creation of 3 trillion in wealth every year in the US.

Stupidity is alive and well and thriving today.

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