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Well I have a 2010 Golf TDI. I just bought the car and I am on my first fuel tank. I have pulsed and glid with my S2000 gasser and was able to improve gas mileage from an average of 25-26 mpg to an average of 31-32 mpg. I have noted the following differences between the gasser S2000 and the TDI Golf:

1. The Scangauge II does not display TPS on the TDI but does so on the S2000. I do not know if this is a 2010 model thing or it is a TDI thing. It does make sense not to get a TPS signal since there is no throttle plate on a TDI. With the S2000 I used to pulse to 70-80% TPS (not load). With the TDI I pulse to about 80 LOAD. With the S2000 I accelerate quickly and that does not have a lot of impact on FE. With the TDI I accelerate slower, becuase quick acceleration has a big impact on FE.

2. Pulsing and Gliding with a gasser seems to produce a higher rate of return on FE than P&Ging with the TDI. Keep in mind that this is my first tank with the TDI so I do not have a lot of data to compare. I want to eventually try a full tank w/o P&G in the TDI vs. a full tank with P&G.

3. The FE on the TDI is simply amazing. I got 55.7 mpg per the on board display in one trip from work. I have 530 miles on the current tank and I still have 1/3 of a tank to go. I should easily hit more than 600 miles on this tank. The engine is still green and I am told that FE improves as the TDI hit 20-30K miles. My S2000 was running on empty once I hit 330-350 on a tank of gas.

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