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Thinking along the same lines James.

I can buy an off the shelf Honda 5.5 HP pressure washer with a pump capable of 2700 PSI and 2.2 gallons per minute.

A small motorcycle frame, don't need the engine or anything from the engine to the rear wheel, except possibly the rim and tire.

Then you don't have to deal with integration of the existing brakes and any other specially built parts except the rear hub which would be the regenerative hydraulic IVT.

I bought some aluminum and bearings and seals for the rear hub, which will have to be basically scratch built. The ball bearing inner diameters are 100 MM. which gives me plenty of room for the offset adjustable journal.

So far I have $200 in the project. Guess it would be best to start another thread since this is getting off topic.

Should have it finished by the end of this year and it will provide a perfect proof of concept.

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