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Originally Posted by ben98gs View Post
Ok... I reread your post and looked at a few things and think I am starting to understand a bit more. Correct me if I am wrong (I numbered them so you can confirm or correct my statements easier).

1. Freeduino is the programming board and you programmed the chip on it before putting it in your MPGuino.
2. The MPGuino (V2.0) kit basically comes with the Freeduino/programmer and MPGuino all on one board as found here: Fundamental Logic
3. The Iduino and Arduino boards you can buy to make the MPGuino yourself are (like the MPGuino V2.0 kit mentioned above) the programmer and MPGuino all in one.
4. If I buy an Arduino or Iduino, I would basically attach that to my custom made board and screen to make the MPGuino (so basically I would have the Arduino/Iduino, a screen/board that comes with it, and my custom MPGuino board (that I would make from the item in the parts list found in this post: MPGuino release one workspace)

Also, is there any reason thsi screen should not work:
This screen probaly works, sparfun is good place for other components also (transistors, Atmega 328 chip, crystal 16Mhz, buttons...)

1. Freeduino is arduino clone, bought it from seeedstudio depot
Freeduino USB complete KIT(Arduino Duemilanove Compatible) Freeduino USB complete KIT [ARD107B1P] - $22.00 : Seeed Studio Depot, Boost ideas, extend the reach
* when I bought, it included Atmega 328 instead of Atmega 168
I bought extra Atmega 168 chip (they did not sell Atmega 328) - when I program Atmega 328 and move it to custom MPGuino board, I still have spare chip for freeduino.

2. yes (to be exact - freeduino/arduino is development board, not just programmer)

3,4. to make MPGuino, you need:
* Arduino/Iduino
* some extra parts, like resistors, buttons, zener diodes...check wiki page
MPGuino - EcoModder

I decided that I make custom board so I can keep freeduino for making other stuff and when using custom board, I can make it smaller.
So basically what I did was:
* took breadboard arduino schematic
* added there stuff what is needed for MPGuino (used Iduino schematic)
* put these together in Eagle PCB design program.

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