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Sorry for my ignorance... But when you mention that the Freeduino/Arduino is more than a programmer, it is a development board, that means that you need it to program the chip, but that you also need some of the connections to run everything. So if you only use it to program, you still need to follow the connections needed on it on your custom board?

I decided that I make custom board so I can keep freeduino for making other stuff and when using custom board, I can make it smaller.
So basically what I did was:
* took breadboard arduino schematic
* added there stuff what is needed for MPGuino (used Iduino schematic)
* put these together in Eagle PCB design program.
By the breadboard arduino schematic you mention above, that is the Iduino correct? Just a bit confused because you mention both and thought the Iduino was the breadboard arduino.

When combining the 2 schematics or whatnot, does that mean I need more parts (resistors/diodes/etc.) then what is mentioned in the wiki page to do what you do and create a slimline, custom board?

Again, sorry for any ignorance, I catch on fast once I get past some of the "stupid" questions, I promise.
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