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CBR600RR, is that a bike? So it's carbed right? Good luck with finding off the shelf parts, more than likely you'll just have to cherry pick. Avoid steel parts, lines, tanks without coating and choose plastic/polymer/synthetic material for parts exposed to fuel. Plastics don't conduct electricity and they don't corrode like steel so they'll last much longer in an ethanol fueled vehicle.

The Stoich A/F values for E85 is approx 9:1 you can expect around 42% increased requirement for fuel under similar Lambda values. For WOT you can enrichen the mix further than gasoline but similar ratios just uprated 42% more fuel is what I'd call safe.

We don't use L/hr we use cc for Imports and lb/hr for Domestics. so I can only guess that you're thinking about 52lbs/hr.
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