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hey,new fiesta owner.

hey whats up.
well i was doing alot of highway driving and my volvo 240 wasnt getting very good gas mileage,somewhere around 26ish at best.that was me driving 75 though.

so i was in the market for a nice geo metro,or ford festiva.

all the geos around here were auto's and i wanted a stick, but then i hit the jackpot with a sweet 1988 ford festiva on craigs.

it has a pretty decent after market paintjob,but its the stock color and actual looks pretty darn good and its really shiny.

on my first gas tank i got around 40mpg but that was with underinflated tires and the window down for most of the driving,and about 50/50 highway freeway driving.

so i changed the oil,inflated tires,new plugs,and im gonna see where its at.

and i plan on doing a few aero mods down the already had a pass mirror deleted and antenna delete.

ill prolly do some pizza pan hubcaps and partial grill block.

anyways i just thought i would introduce myself so i dont get yelled at later for posting haha

i tried posting pics but i cant yet.

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